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I like where this was going, since I know people going through the same thing. But it could have been much shorter and to the point, like at 0:50 would have been good enough.

Laughed the whole way through!

Bluejuju responds:

Cool really glad you liked it . It was something that I had on the back burner for a while and decide to just finish it and put it out there. Thanks for the stars.

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Very interesting game, and while the music was nice, perhaps something more appropriate for the game setting would have been better. Other than that, nice work!

TrippyPixel responds:

Thank you for the feedback! This was our first game, so we wanted to go crazy with it. Next time, we'll want to stick more to the theme.

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I love the story behind this piece, it really helps me understand the progression better. The mood is set nicely and I can imagine things getting pretty intense at this part of a game. Personally I would have made the piece longer before the "insanity" build-up begins, and maybe added a pad of some kind to fill out blank spots, but that¨s just me and it probably woudln't fit in the setting.
Honestly I'm not that good of a musician to think of anything else to say, your work is solid, I also enjoyed "Threats" and couldn't think of anything constructive to say there. Keep it up!

wobwobrob responds:

Thanks mate! Client did want it sudden, and there wasnt much time. Had to cram a lot in a minute! I agree maybe it could be more subtle haha

Painful and beautiful at the same time. Always nice to hear something from you - no matter how I´m feeling, I can always sit back and be immersed in whatever world you create for us.

On a good day, I would have used about a quarter of different sounds you have here, and I would have called it too chaotic. But you made it work, somehow - rather than being a ´Solid Movement´ it seems quite smooth. It sounds great, not too muddled, the sounds fade into each other quite nicely... really nice piece here!

Kyrowo responds:

Hahaha thank you :D

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