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Laughed the whole way through!

Bluejuju responds:

Cool really glad you liked it . It was something that I had on the back burner for a while and decide to just finish it and put it out there. Thanks for the stars.

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Very interesting game, and while the music was nice, perhaps something more appropriate for the game setting would have been better. Other than that, nice work!

TrippyPixel responds:

Thank you for the feedback! This was our first game, so we wanted to go crazy with it. Next time, we'll want to stick more to the theme.

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Very nice track!

Zinitymusic responds:

Thank you!

Maaaan, you´re killing it as always! Never failing to amaze since "What I See"!

Ok, so right off the bat, I´m a huge sucker for big airy pads and atmospheres, so you grabbed my attention in the first few seconds. Throughout the song you have a huge variation of sounds, all of them nice, but it does get a little confusing at moments. Such as 3:08 - a lovely example of a varied sound I don´t hear often in the Audio Portal, but one that managed to entertain and perplex. While the overall happy vibe sits nicely with the title, I couldn´t help feel that the song was a little harsh or gritty at times during the drops. It was hard to pick a favorite part of the song that I could look forward to in multiple playthroughs, except maybe from 2:00 to the end, but there are so many switch ups (for my personal taste) , that I would have trouble keeping up with it. But who am I to talk, my tracks are all monotonous loops.
In finale, I enjoyed the track, I will listen to it again, but not on a daily basis, you did a good job!

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