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I like where this was going, since I know people going through the same thing. But it could have been much shorter and to the point, like at 0:50 would have been good enough.

Laughed the whole way through!

Bluejuju responds:

Cool really glad you liked it . It was something that I had on the back burner for a while and decide to just finish it and put it out there. Thanks for the stars.

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Very interesting game, and while the music was nice, perhaps something more appropriate for the game setting would have been better. Other than that, nice work!

TrippyPixel responds:

Thank you for the feedback! This was our first game, so we wanted to go crazy with it. Next time, we'll want to stick more to the theme.

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I don't hang around NG as often as I used to, but I do sometimes check back to make sure I haven't missed anything - and today seems to be my lucky day!

Everything is great as always, the melody is nice and melancholic, the drop has excellent intensity without unnecessary harshness, but holds enough drive to keep things going. The buildup starting at :30 introduces a lot of elements, but not too suddenly. The soft thumping kick is nice until :51, then it gets a little disruptive in my opinion, but disappears at :52 and then it's all good again, but the atmosphere throughout the track is amazing.

Hoping to see this and 'Shadow' in an intense EP. Maybe throw in 'Ethereal' for a chill contrast? Looking forward to more stuff from you as always!

aliaspharow responds:

Thank you so much SierraRising! Always love reading your feedback! It's always phenomenal hearing praise by people such as yourself.

I'm most likely going to do a full intro revamp. I like the piano right now but I'm thinking of layering it with a wurlitzer and having a friend of mine perform some vocals and otherwise keeping it clean until the bass comes in. I'm excited to get this one done for sure.

I like your idea of an EP! I have a reworked and improved 'Shadow' and another yet unreleased track. I'll be sure to keep you posted when it comes out.

Pretty calming piece, I like that though the synths sound kind of retro, they aren't too harsh.
If this were in a video game, I would expect it either in the menu section or in an introduction phase, like a tutorial to a puzzle game.
There isn't too much of a complex melody, but plenty of new elements every once in a while to keep things going. The drums sounded a little off for me, the kick was too low and didn't fit with the rest of the track for me, and the snare part was a bit too loud.
Other than that, this sounds like the kind of thing the audio portal may have been intended for, as a source of music for the games and animation developers, and it fits in there nicely. Keep up the nice work!

Walpang responds:

Very much appreciated. I agree that drums aren't my forte, and I'll try to work on it.

I love the story behind this piece, it really helps me understand the progression better. The mood is set nicely and I can imagine things getting pretty intense at this part of a game. Personally I would have made the piece longer before the "insanity" build-up begins, and maybe added a pad of some kind to fill out blank spots, but that┬Ęs just me and it probably woudln't fit in the setting.
Honestly I'm not that good of a musician to think of anything else to say, your work is solid, I also enjoyed "Threats" and couldn't think of anything constructive to say there. Keep it up!

wobwobrob responds:

Thanks mate! Client did want it sudden, and there wasnt much time. Had to cram a lot in a minute! I agree maybe it could be more subtle haha

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